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S10 ZR2

This S10 ZR-2 was brought in as a upgrade to one of our earlier systems.

The old system consisted of 2 12" Hazelton Apparition Series Subwoofers in a custom box from the customers older S10.

He desided he wanted a bit more power, and bass.

He wanted to add another 12" Subwoofer.

The design changed from 2 12" subs firing forward towards the seat, to 3 12" subs firing to the floor.

A small notch was put in place for the center console to allow the box to hug around.

Everything is kept in the extended cab of the truck, and keeping the factory jack in place.

(a bit hard to get to the jack, though)

Test Fitting


Two fans were installed to circulate the air in the amp rack.

One fan blows into the amp rack, the other fan on the other side blows out.

The entire exposed enclosure was carpeted to match interior color.

Wire holes were drilled for speaker wire and power wires into the amp rack.


(test fitting pictured after carpeting)


Installed amps


After test running the system, the plexiglass amp rack cover was installed.

Running the amps for a while gave the fans a test, warm air was felt coming out of the exhaust fan.

the two amps are wired to the 3 12" subs, with the larger amp used as a two channel, and the smaller amp used bridged mono to the middle subwoofer.

Raw Box

Also an amp rack was intergraded into the top of the enclosure.

The amp rack now displays the 2 Pioneer Premier amplifiers and the 1 farad cap.

One of the amps, and the cap was hidden in the old design.


Carpeted, fans


The inside of the amp rack was painted black.

The amps and the 1 Farad Cap. was wired and installed.

The carpet was trimmed around the fan blade opening only, to give the circle opening.



test running finished

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