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Impala SS

The first thing was to add MB Quart

components in the front doors.

The tweeters fit nicely next to the

mirrors on the door.

Alpine cass. player\changer controller,

along with the 1/2 Din EQ mounted

in the factory radio location.

The rear 6x9s, were replaced

with JL Audio 2-way 6x9s.  

4 channel ADS amplifier powers the

inside speakers, a 2 channel, bridged

ADS amp, took care of the sub.

Both amps were mounted flush into

a rack along with the CD Changer.

The trunk is needed for storage, so the

sub box had to be very small and out of the way.

A single Phoenix Gold X-Max 12"

sub woofer, was used to keep the

air space small, and still have the deep bass.

The sub box is custom formed to use

all the space, of the rear quarter panel

around wheel well.

Located in

Metro-Milwaukee, WI

Fax: (586) 283-0748

Email: hazelton@hazeltonsound.com