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97 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

Lowered SPL Car

Alpine Head Unit

3 - 12" Sony Subs

Kenwood Mono Amp

Sony 4 channel Amp

1 Farad Cap

The customer bought a Pontiac Sunfire, and

tranfered the 2.4 liter motor into his Cavalier,

for a bit more power.

(I just thought this was interesting)

Trunk lid was double layer sound deadened &

braced, the factory spring/rods don't hold it up

very well anymore.

Interior panels were accent painted.

First Enclosure:

Dual 12" Ported Subwoofer Enclosure

Sony Explode Subwoofers

Painted Enclosure

1st Place 301-900 Watt Class

(spent less on system than others in class)

2005 Baraboo, WI

New Box:

3 12" Sony Explode Subwoofers,

Ported Enclosure


Enclosure had to mostly built inside the

trunk for the cubic foot air space of the

ported enclosure will not allow for it to be put in

through the opening of the trunk.


The completed in-trunk assembly, really fills the trunk.

The carpet job was almost as difficult as the box.
The amp shown was just to test the sound, not the Kenwood Mono Block going to be used!

The port was left covered until SPL measurement,

the customer wants to see the difference it will

make on his score.

The 2 older Sony Subs were transfered from the old box, and the (center) new one

was an E-Bay find, still new in the box! (very cheap)

Now running at 1.333333333333333 ohms, amp gets hot faster, New amp will be next.

Located in

Metro-Milwaukee, WI

Fax: (586) 283-0748

Email: hazelton@hazeltonsound.com